Our Story - The Story Behind I Got You

Joshs Legacy

Josh, the light of everyone’s life.

Josh, the one taken too soon.

Josh was anything but ordinary. He lit up a room, danced like no one was watching and just simply was, the best. Josh’s life will not be defined by suicide, mental health or him no longer being earthside, but Josh will be known for his dance moves, jokes, his caring nature, and his ability to make anyone smile in any situation.

Growing up with Josh taught us all a lot. Josh taught us how to be brave, how to be resilient, how to give life a red-hot crack, how to smile in the dark times, how to continue smiling in the bright times. However, Josh mostly did these things unintentionally when he passed. The light burns bright within everyone he touched and now we all live vicariously for Josh.

Josh’s smile will never fade, his memory will live on but life will never be the same. Incredibly missed, incredibly loved and incredibly lucky to have known Josh in all his glory.

In Josh’s words - I got you