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Meet Josh’s Mum


I’m Leesa and I’m Josh’s Mum. In April 2021 my world was flipped (that’s an understatement) on its head and my heart was shattered. I’d entered a new world instantly with the heartbreaking news - your son has suicided. Every day I grieve for the loss of this beautiful boy. I’ve always got questions, but I know its pointless asking those questions as I’ll never know the answers.

It’s taken me a few months (and it’ll never be the same) but with the encouragement of my village, I’m putting my heart and soul into creating a brand, I Got You with other villagers, to spark important conversations about men’s mental health and increase the awareness of suicide. There can NEVER be too many conversations about this important topic.

On this journey, I’ll make updates to my story, sharing with you exciting projects the I Got You team are working on.