Lend a Hand

Want to help but don’t know how?

They say it takes a Village to raise a child, but here at I Got You we say it takes a Village to raise awareness and prevent suicide.

The I Got You Village is made up of supporters with a range of skills that all contribute to reducing suicide within our community.

Join our Village and let's create a safe and supportive community, together.


Volunteer Your Time

Your time is invaluable and can save lives. Why not, step up and volunteer.

Let us know what you’d like to do and how often and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Offer Your Skillset

Your skills and expertise are invaluable resources that can support I Got You. Whether it's counselling, training, facilitation, event planning, photography, business expertise or you’re a social media extraordinaire your skillset can contribute significantly to saving lives and supporting those affected by suicide.

Partner or Sponsor an Event

Consider partnering with us or sponsoring an event organised by I Got You.

By providing financial support or resources, you will help I Got You host impactful events that raise awareness, provide support, and promote resources for those struggling with mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts. Your partnership can make a significant difference in preventing suicide in your community.

Attend Social Events and Social Gatherings

Show your support by attending I Got You social events, and gatherings that champion suicide prevention and mental health awareness. These gatherings not only raise awareness and funds but also provide an opportunity to connect and reduce social isolation.

It's time to act and stand together with initiatives that are working tirelessly to address mental health challenges and prevent suicide in our community.

Through volunteering your time, donating generously, offering your skillset, partnering or sponsoring events, and attending social events and gatherings, you become a vital part of the movement for suicide prevention and mental health support.

Together, let's build a brighter future where everyone feels supported, valued, and understood.

Join the I Got You Village and let's be a force for good in the world.