Our Mission

Joshs Legacy

In April 2021, Leesa’s family had their world turned upside down. At 25 years old, their darling boy Josh lost his life to suicide. Since then, Mum Leesa and sisters Taylor and Mackenzie have dedicated themselves to creating a lasting legacy for their son and brother, through their family-run small business, I Got You. 

They want everyone to wear their clothing proudly and start important conversations about men’s mental health and raise suicide awareness without fear, judgement or stigma. 

Losing a loved one to suicide is something no family should have to go through. Thankfully Leesa, Taylor and Mackenzie had their village and the support of local Canberra suicide prevention organisation, OzHelp to fall back on. During this time, OzHelp provided counselling and support services to their family and friends. 

This has inspired the family to use their platform to create a long lasting impact by raising money for life saving services. 

Every purchase makes a difference. By getting your hands on some "I Got You" apparel you are;

  • Starting important conversations about mental health,
  • continuing Josh's legacy, and
  • supporting local mental health and suicide prevention organisations in providing life saving services. 

Plus, keep an eye out for the up and coming events! 

I Got You also hosts a range of events throughout the year, some to raise money for support services and others dedicated to raising awareness of suicide and mental health. These events aim to bring the I Got You community together to remember Josh and create a lasting impact. 



 I Got You

Making a Difference 

To date, I Got You has raised and donated over $70,000 for the OzHelp Foundation.

OzHelp is a not for profit organisation that relies on community support in order to continue its early intervention strategies to prevent suicide.

Their programs raise awareness about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, improve individual levels of mental and physical health literacy, and provide referrals and follow up support. OzHelp is helping to instil social capabilities and life skills for Australian men and women to keep them healthy for life.