Our Story

Josh Family

A family connected by the grief of losing a loved one to suicide.

Together with our village of supporters we are building Josh's legacy by promoting men’s mental health and suicide awareness through the connection of three words, I Got You.


Hear from Mum, Leesa

I’m Leesa and I’m Josh’s Mum. In April 2021 my world was flipped (that’s an understatement) on its head and my heart was shattered. I’d entered a new world instantly with the heartbreaking news - "your son has suicided". Every day I grieve for the loss of this beautiful boy. I’ve always got questions, but I know its pointless asking those questions as I’ll never know the answers.

It’s taken me a few months (and it’ll never be the same) but with the encouragement of my village, I’m putting my heart and soul into creating a brand, I Got You with other villagers, to spark important conversations about men’s mental health and increase the awareness of suicide. There can NEVER be too many conversations about this important topic.

On this journey, I’ll make updates to my story, sharing with you exciting projects the I Got You team are working on.



Hear from Sister, Taylor

I am Taylor, Josh’s little sister. On the morning of 11 April 2021, my life changed. My whole world crumbled, I lost my big brother to suicide.

I Got You is my passion, a passion I wish I did not need to have but I do. Why? Because I never want any person to feel that suicide is the only choice. I want people to know that there is support, from a qualified professional but also from family, mates and even complete strangers. I want every single person in this world to know that it is going to be okay and that someone has got them.

I Got You to me is a powerful way to remind the people around you that there is support, start the needed conversations, that they are going to be okay and that they are so loved.

Simple kind gestures can change peoples days. Smile, be kind and start conversations.

Your voice is meant to encourage people, so please use it. One conversation, can make all the difference.

I still press on Josh’s name to call and tell him something that’s happened and then remember we can’t talk on the phone anymore. It’s an awful feeling. I want everyone to be able to make a call.

I Got You is a massive part of my life. In 2022, I attended an end of year celebration, where they shared the suicide statistics from the previous year. Statistics that my big brother is now part of. A number that is one too many. The hurt and heartbreak I felt reading these statistic, showed me that there is so much more that I need and I want to do to prevent suicide.

Things can be fucking shit. Life is hard sometimes. The world is confusing. You do get let down.

Together mum, Kenz and I have created a village. Our village is full of support, encouragement and love - I thank our village everyday for being there for us when we truely need it the most.

I hope to have a world that is suicide free.

I will always hold my Josh so close to me.

I never want a family to go through what my family are going through.



Hear from Sister, Kenz

They say it takes a village, and they would be correct.

I am Mackenzie, better known as “Kenz”. Josh was my big brother, the one who was always there.

April 11, 2021, will never be the same again. Not for me, our family, our friends, or anyone that knew Josh. This date changed the course of our lives forever. Josh was the bright bubbly, happy, funny and (sometimes) cranky friend. His heart of gold is what we remember fondly.

Josh’s suicide lives on with us every day, we remember the laughs, the cries and most importantly, we remember Josh.

Moving through our grief as a family, has not been easy. However, the two strongest women in my life, Mum and my sister Taylor, really have shown the world that it is okay to move through grief and do something good.

After the idea of “I Got You”, there was a spark lit within the family and a spark lit in Taylor and Mum. The two of them have created such a positive impact in our community and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

To me, I Got You is a legacy for my late brother Josh. I Got You has begun supporting an important cause to help reduce the stigma of mental health. What started as an idea has since evolved into getting the message out there for those in need. Mental health is difficult, it puts a strain on a person’s life and can be very difficult to move through this pain and suffering. Mental health is a scale of needs at any given time, it may start as a feeling of sadness that can progress. This stigma is about getting help when needed, regardless of how a person may see their needs as “small”.

I Got You has started the conversation, the support received has been so amazing, from messages of “I cannot wait to get my new jumper” to seeing people we don’t know wearing their items, it is such a surreal experience.

The fundraisers both in 2022 and 2023 were undoubtably massive successes. Seeing people raise money for much needed conversations has been truly humbling. People coming together to reach out and know that it is okay not to be okay in life has moved me beyond measures.

I have seen more and more people openly talk about their struggles since the loss of Josh, though a horrible thing to experience, it shows the stigma of mental health and suicide prevention is closing the gap slowly.

I Got You has made impacts in people’s lives, it has changed mine.

From one person who has struggled with mental health to another, I see you, I hear you, I love you and I Got You.