"The Joshua" Mens Tee

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This premium men’s short sleeve T-Shirt with freestyle 'I Got You' inscription, “The Joshua", is the essential wardrobe item in our collection. This shirt has that Joshua confidence and style about it. Whether you wear it for that weekend brunch or at those arvo bevvies with mates, you know you’ll be looking schmick with this beauty- 100%.
This wardrobe essential is soft against the body just like a nice hug and made from 100% breathable cotton. It will bring 100% satisfaction and will 100% lift you to the next level.
The large logo stands out and shouts out against the stigma surrounding mental health.
Our exclusive design in washed black has a ribbed round neck with double stitching and a semi colon symbol hem tag, the symbol for mental health, representing a pause, not an ending. This symbol is universally recognised as the symbol of support for mental health.
It’s built to last, so get into it.
I Got You is a brand that will spark important conversations about mental health and raise important awareness about suicide prevention whenever you wear it.